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Freelancing is the future of work and .orgFreelancer is the future of association work.

To find a skilled and reliable freelancer to complete a project or short-term, long-term or interim assignment, please begin by setting up a .orgFreelancer account. Tell us about your organization and your staffing needs. We’ll be in touch to discuss the engagement in greater depth.

.orgFreelancer is a centralized and simplified association resource for finding the right freelancer the first time. We help you:

  • Create an inbound pipeline of high-quality association freelance talent
  • Save time through our freelancer matchmaking and placement services
  • Vet freelance professionals
  • Add flexibility to your search and recruitment through our freelancer to full-time employee program

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Are you an association or nonprofit professional who enjoys the flexibility of freelancing?

Take advantage of. orgFreelancer’s extensive network of organizations looking for someone like you. We help associations and nonprofits find skilled and talented people to augment their staff or tackle important projects.

.orgFreelancer is a centralized and simplified association freelancer resource and platform designed to help you:

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