Learn about the Freelancing Age and .orgFreelancer

The Age of Freelancing Is Here

Freelancing is the future of work and .orgFreelancer is the future of association work.

According to Forbes, 57 million U.S. workers (36% of the U.S. workforce) are presently freelancing in the “gig economy” and the numbers year-over-year continue to increase. Technology, the rise of virtual remote work, the desire for greater flexibility and cost-savings in the workplace is fueling this rapid transformation.

.orgFreelancer will match you with qualified professionals that meet your needs and fit your work environment and culture.

With dozens of combined years of association expertise, we are passionately committed to helping build a strong future for associations and association professionals through .orgFreelancer. Through our agile and highly-specialized workforce model, we help associations decrease overhead and staffing costs. We also create new avenues for filling staffing needs – in addition to assisting with vacancies and searches, we can locate talent for part-time and contract staffing and conduct national recruitment campaigns for individuals with specialized skills.

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