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Connecting nonprofits and associations with experts to help get things done!

We created .orgFreelancer to provide organizations with the ability to connect with industry specialists.

We believe .orgFreelancer strengthens the association industry by quickly connecting highly talented association professionals with the organizations that need them.  

.orgFreelancer is a platform where freelancers can connect with associations and nonprofits to find work and expand their network.  After years of personally helping associations and nonprofits connect with experts, we created a platform to expand upon our ability to help organizations get more work done. 

If you are in a bind and just need to get the work done, we are here to help!

about orgFreelancer
In 2018, association veterans Stuart Meyer, Kim Robinson, Sherry Budziak, Kevin Ordonez, and Rob Miller teamed up to lead the association freelance revolution with the creation of .orgFreelancer.
Together, .orgFreelancer is pioneering the future of work for associations and non-profits through our expanding platform and growing community focused solely on association/non-profit freelancers AND associations/non-profits seeking freelancers. Join the freelance work revolution

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